by FS Camels

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released February 24, 2017



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FS Camels Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Scatter
Everybody grab a witness 'cause there's something scary happening,
And it's not to be talked about,
It's just a feeling that we got!
Track Name: Stacy
Here is a time you thought you could count on,
The rain fell light from an evening sky,
I heard a shutter, I went to the window,
She stood staring, she stood calling...
Track Name: Smokin' Dad
I got a smokin' dad,
and you can smell me wearing the clothes that I just bought,
Watch me coughing in class
I got a broken chair where my father would light his face on fire,
and he'd tell me a story as he'd burn my eye...
Track Name: Pink Slip
You know I still have dreams about her,
even though I dicked her over,
Haven't heard a thing about her anyway,
Everything it seems I doubted,
all gets hazy when I talk about it,
Wonder if she thinks about me anyway.
What does love have to do with someone who has been such a part of you?
You're blue....
Track Name: Stay
I circle around something I'll never show
May you circle around something you'll always know
to take you away
I was going West to meet a friend
What happened next I know I'll never recall
It takes me away
to circle twice more to make me whole again
Based on the lone decision of himself and no one else
The treaty came to pass
May nothing ever break you when you're down
Call upon this song to bring you 'round
To bring it back and whole...
And it doesn't matter what you're dreaming of
but may it never ever fall on you
We beg this, Please
Bring it home again,
Welcome home again,
We beg this, Please
Track Name: Fear of Flying
Good morning sky,
Good morning tree,
Can you tell me about the way I feel?
Can you tell me who's insane today?
'cause I wanna take it all away
Why, Why?
Good morning sky...
I know, given what you've gotten, I've fallen short
But then, given what you wanted, it couldn't get much worse...
Track Name: Concrete
I was up late one night and I was feeling pretty wicked
I was so beyond broke I thought I might buy a lottery ticket
and if my luck don't change real soon
I'm not sure where I'll be tomorrow,
Maybe on another floor
In another stink
In another part of this same old town...

You had quite an appetite and I was feeling pretty mixed up
When you decided to cut me from your world
Now, there's too much concrete around...
Track Name: Fingerpaint
Sorry I didn't make you laugh
All I wanted was to make you feel good
This wasn't the time and place to be funny now
But the pressure of the situation was getting to me too
If I hadn't been so busted,
I would've bought you flowers

Fingerpainted paper memories always worked for me before
But you were bummed 'cause paper kills trees,
and fingerpaints just ain't your style...
Track Name: Tornado Slide (with hidden track, Moonshine)
4 friends on a mission
4 fools by admission
4 kindred for the needy
and 4 kings for each other now
Our journey went well
Did everyone here have a good time?
Trees taught us to sing
and the oceans taught us to rhyme with what's going on
So, what's going on?